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#ThrowbackThursday to Marie Curie! The first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only individual ever to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences - Physics and Chemistry.

Hats off to her fight for equality in the 1800's!

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Learn more about Marie Skłodowska Curie's most revolutionary discoveries:

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FEMTech Feature: Meet Allison!
Allison is kindhearted, is a hard worker, and always has a smile on her face, and we are proud to introduce her as our FEMTech feature this week!
“I've been struggling with a plethora of things lately, but I'm still so honored to be a part of FemTech's IOC team with these amazing people. I haven't been able to attend as many events or meetings or contribute as much as I would like to this semester, so it makes the short times I can spend with them and the rest of the team all the more precious”
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Ever wanted a spray on that can make anything work like a touchscreen? ... See MoreSee Less

This spray makes anything a touch screen.

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#TechResumeTips for all you ladies:

"90% of the resumes I've gone through list education first! Don't do that! It says to me right away that

a) you think your education is more impressive than your work experience and

b) automatically makes me think you're more junior than you might be." -
@Amanda Schumer
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  • The purpose of FEM Tech is to promote gender diversity and inspire women from all majors to excel in technology careers. Through organized seminars, mentorship programs, training workshops, and networking events, FEM Tech will provide a supportive community for all majors to create meaningful connections with like-minded women. We hope to excite new interest in tech and provide support for women already in STEM majors.


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Andrea Lombard

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Misaki Matsumoto

FEM Tech Share Director
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Diana Arteaga

Head of Diversity Outreach
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Gresshaa Mehta

Vice President
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Alexis Tran

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Apoorva Arya

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Jennifer Tam

Chief of Staff
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Michelle Chan

Head of Design
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Suzannah Rochelle

FEM Tech Make Director
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Elizabeth Moss

Head of Multimedia
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Ahyeon Hwang

Content Writer
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Anita Chan

Head of Finance
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Chelesea Chen

FEMTech Make Junior Team Lead
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Emily Orosco

Internal Outreach Coordinator
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Kate Xu

Finance Officer
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Lucy Xiao

FEM Tech Share Coordinator
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Romy Attias

Speakers Series Coordinator
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Zoe Edington

ASUC Representative & Social Media Manager

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