Written by Alberto Lozano

The innovative and visionary Sophi-Charlotte Moatti, an International Digital Emmy Award nominee, spoke to FEM Tech about the importance of the mobile app boom.

She presently serves as the CEO of Products That Count, an organization that advises companies on application of mobile technology. Moatti received a Bachelors in computer engineering from École Supérieure d’Électricité in France and an MBA from Stanford University. She has served as an executive at tech companies such as Facebook, Nokia and Trulia. She is also on the board of directors at Opera Software.

Moatti calls the advent of mobile apps a “second gold rush,” generating large amounts of private wealth. In the wake of the popularity of cellphones, companies have been scrambling to innovate in the mobile market. Companies such as Trulia, Yelp and Viber are currently at the forefront of this movement.

“The mobile revolution has created a new gold rush, a Wild West environment where people are ambitious and opportunities are everywhere,” Moatti told FEM Tech over email. “I’m surprised every day to discover the extent to which it is creating unprecedented prosperity. Every business wants to and should get a meaningful piece of it.”

Moatti also spoke about the importance of clearly defining the purpose of your app and developing a clear business plan. She emphasized the “Mind, Body and Spirit” rule, which defines beauty as a mix of aesthetics and utility.

“An athlete’s body is physically attractive, but the muscles, structure and build all contribute to purpose and utility. It’s the same with mobile. There were lots of music programs and software before iTunes, but none of them were as attractive and none were so simple and easy to use.”


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