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Talking the Neuroscience of Success with Sahar Yousef

by Alberto Lozano

Sahar Yousef, a PhD scientist researching cognitive ability, spoke on the importance of cognitive self-awareness when one is networking or otherwise attempting to succeed. She emphasizes various methods one can use in order to build a closer relationship with someone when speaking to them in person, such as maintaining 30 seconds of eye contact. One should also build a relationship based on reciprocity and communicate their needs with others.

“Relationship building and networking is meaningless if all you are is buddies with someone. Think of networking and building your career as watering a tree,” Sahar said. “You don’t get fruit out of a tree today if you only have seeds. Before desperation hits and you need anything from anybody, you need to go around and plant seeds.”

She also heavily emphasizes the importance of meditation in everyday life. Meditation can lead to tangible increases in concentration and mental well-being.

“At any moment, our own reality can be shifted in a way that is more positive, intense, peaceful, creative, fruitful, attentive and present. We can do that quite rapidly,” Sahar said.

Sahar also mentions that meditation is a learned behavior that takes time to develop.

She recommends that everyone should take a class on meditation if they are able to.

“For anything that you want to learn, you should have a teacher. It makes it so much easier. It’s hard to motivate yourself to do it.”

Sahar has served as a neuroscience research consultant and cognitive training instructor. She is currently a PhD scientist at UC Berkeley researching cognitive ability. Her research involves stress management, emotional control, motivation and productivity.

Mobile apps are the second gold rush, according to Sophie-Charlotte Moatti, CEO of Products That Count


Written by Alberto Lozano

The innovative and visionary Sophi-Charlotte Moatti, an International Digital Emmy Award nominee, spoke to FEM Tech about the importance of the mobile app boom.

She presently serves as the CEO of Products That Count, an organization that advises companies on application of mobile technology. Moatti received a Bachelors in computer engineering from École Supérieure d’Électricité in France and an MBA from Stanford University. She has served as an executive at tech companies such as Facebook, Nokia and Trulia. She is also on the board of directors at Opera Software.

Moatti calls the advent of mobile apps a “second gold rush,” generating large amounts of private wealth. In the wake of the popularity of cellphones, companies have been scrambling to innovate in the mobile market. Companies such as Trulia, Yelp and Viber are currently at the forefront of this movement.

“The mobile revolution has created a new gold rush, a Wild West environment where people are ambitious and opportunities are everywhere,” Moatti told FEM Tech over email. “I’m surprised every day to discover the extent to which it is creating unprecedented prosperity. Every business wants to and should get a meaningful piece of it.”

Moatti also spoke about the importance of clearly defining the purpose of your app and developing a clear business plan. She emphasized the “Mind, Body and Spirit” rule, which defines beauty as a mix of aesthetics and utility.

“An athlete’s body is physically attractive, but the muscles, structure and build all contribute to purpose and utility. It’s the same with mobile. There were lots of music programs and software before iTunes, but none of them were as attractive and none were so simple and easy to use.”


Six leading tech ladies you need to follow on Twitter

by Lisanne Marie Van Engelen

With over 300 million users, it can be difficult to find people on Twitter who are actually worth following. Here is a list of some leading ladies in the tech world to help with that search! Some of the women work in robotics, while some others work as CEOs. All impact the tech world while inspiring other girls to get interested in tech. Most of these women post updates on projects they are working on and link tech related articles, especially those that have to do with women in the business. Be sure to add them to your feed and get your daily dose of #womenintech news.

Helen Greiner  @helengreiner

Helen GreinerCurrently, Helen Greiner is CEO of CyPhy Works, a robotics company that specializes in multi-rotor drones. Greiner was also co-founder of iRobot, the company that designs robots like the “Roomba,” the self-aware robotic vacuum cleaner. She received the Pioneer Award from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). The award recognizes someone in the field of robotics who has contributed to the development of unmanned vehicle systems. In 2007, she was inducted in the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame (WITI), a list that recognizes contributions women have made to the scientific and technological communities. Other notable inductees include Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX and Ruth Leach Amonette, the first female VP of IBM. Greiner tweets funny articles about drones in addition to articles that explore the field of robotics.


Heather Knight  @heatherknight

Heather KnightHeather Knight is CEO of Marilyn Monrobot, a company that blends robotics and entertainment by creating robots that are socially intelligent and can perform in front of live audiences.  In 2011, Knight was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, a list of movers and shakers under the age of 30. You can watch Knight speaking about Marilyn Monrobot and watch one of her robots perform here. Follow Knight for her jokes about robots and tech and photos from her latest robotics projects.


Reshma Saujani  @reshmasaujani

Reshma SaujaniIn 2012, Reshma Saujani founded Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that runs programs that teach programming skills to high school girls. Originally a politician, Saujani came up with the idea of Girls Who Code after visiting various schools and noticing a significant lack of  girls in computer science classes. Saujani tweets updates about Girls Who Code, as well as updates of her own life and her exploration into technology.



Angela Ahrendts  @AngelaAhrendts

Angela AhrendtsForbes ranked Ahrendts the 25th most powerful woman in the world in 2015. The current Vice President of Retail and Online Stores at Apple, in 2014 she was ranked as the 29th most powerful woman in business. Ahrendts actually does not come from a technical background; she graduated college with a Merchandising and Marketing degree and then joined the fashion industry as CEO of Burberry in 2006. She left Burberry in 2014 to join Apple as its only female senior executive. Ahrendts posts about new features and Apple store openings, but also provides insights about cities she’s visiting and links to articles discussing advances in technology.


Tracy Chou  @triketora

Tracy ChouThe most popular of our list, Tracy Chou is one of the lead software engineers at Pinterest and is an active women-in-tech advocate. Chou appeared on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2014 and has previously worked for companies such as Quora and Facebook. Chou tweets about student loans, Lululemon and articles that call out the lack of women in technology.



Hannah Chung  @hchung

Hannah ChungHannah Chung is co-founder of Sproutel, creator of Jerry the Bear, a toy designed to help type 1 diabetic children learn to manage their own blood sugar levels. The interactive toy allows children to learn what foods are the best to eat and what to do if their blood sugar is low. On Twitter, Chung shares photos and developments of the newest Jerry the Bear models. Get ready for lots of cute bear pictures.You can watch a Jerry the Bear demonstration on YouTube here.