The purpose of FEMTech is to promote gender diversity and inspire women and underrepresented students of all majors to excel in technology careers.


Through organized seminars, mentorship programs, training workshops, and networking events, FEMTech at Berkeley aims to provide a supportive community for students of all majors and backgrounds to create meaningful connections with like-minded people. We hope to excite new interest in tech and provide support for female and underrepresented students pursuing a career in the tech industry. Our mission is to empower and inspire students and we welcome anyone and everyone who supports FEMTech’s mission.

Gender and Inclusion

FEMTech affirms that trans women are women, and we welcome the membership and participation of non-binary and gender-variant people in our community and our events. Whenever names or nametags are used, we welcome all participants to share their gender pronouns to support an inclusive and gender-affirming experience for all.